Yoga Classes in Frome, Somerset

If you’re looking for yoga teachers or classes in Frome, Somerset, we can offer some options.

Ben Parkes is an experienced yoga teacher, who has a unique yoga studio in a Victorian three-storey house in Trowbridge where he lives with his family, which serves as the base for his Yoga practice. Ben teaches yoga in Wiltshire and Somerset.

What sort of yoga is it?

Ben works in the Hatha yoga tradition, a type of yoga which involves movement, stretching, and breathing. Ben studied with the Traditional Yoga Association whose objective is to preserve and promote a wide range of ancient yoga practices. These practices include asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing), and in addition Ben’s classes are tailored to a holistic approach which includes vinyasa (flowing movement), mudras (hand symbols), as well as exercises in meditation and mindfulness.

Using other approaches such as chanting, massage, sound work, dynamic meditation, music, reflective silence and more, Ben’s classes are truly holistic. With the safety and well-being of every participant as the prime objective, Ben ensures there is adequate warm up at the start of each class to prepare you for the yoga to follow,  including yoga nidra (relaxation) at the conclusion of each class too. As a qualified and experienced teacher, Ben really does offer a safe and complete class for all levels of experience.

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