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The Power Of Shadow

Workshop for TYA teachers

Yoga teacher Ben Parkes has led workshops for the TYA on the subject of Yoga and our Shadow Self. The Shadow is the part of ourselves which we hide repress and deny, because it was seen as unaccpetable by our family when w were young children.

Put into shadow, or our of conscious awareness, the shadow continues to leak out in dysfunctional ways throughout our lives unless we take active steps to heal the wounds of childhood.

Ben’s workshop showed Yoga teachers how to discover the power of shadow work in yoga or, in other words. What this means in practical terms is exploring the way in which you can find out how much shadow you have and how much insight there is to be gained from exploring it.

As many people know, Carl Jung developed the idea of shadow when he broke from Freud. It contains repressed material – but of course, the shadow is not all bad. As well as the emotions and drives which ere repressed because they were socially unacceptable, the power of the shadow resides int he fact that it also contains our magnificence, and our glory.

The Yogis spoke of it as samskara ~ the power of past impressions.