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Yoga in Westbury

Westbury Leigh Community Hall is a voluntary, not-for-profit undertaking run entirely by local people for the benefit of the village community.  

It’s a stunning converted church which was carefully altered in 2000 so that the atmosphere of the original church was preserved – and now the majestic Community Hall which it has become has a magnificent main hall measuring some 17m by 7m. The comfort of guest sis ensured by the underfloor heating and the impressive beech floor.

Not only that, but the Community Hall shows off to best effect the e original church ceiling and stone walls. There are three hardwood framed glass screens which open out into the original chancel of the church. Many classes and clubs use the venue, so you can check specific details on the community hall website.

By contrast, Leigh Park Community Centre is the focal point of Leigh Park, Westbury. It’s a community hall with catering and PA system. There is excellent disabled access and plenty of onsite parking. The venue offers clubs and classes in a central and easily accessible venue. 

We have two recommendations for yoga in Westbury:

Ben Parkes

Tuesday evening in Leigh Park Community Centre

Ben’s yoga takes place on Tuesday 7pm-8.30pm in Leigh Park Community Centre, Leigh Park Way, Westbury, BA13 3FN.

The cost is £10 per class for a drop in option any time, or £39 for a term class pass for any yoga class run by Ben for £10 a session. You can book by calling or texting Ben on 07850 465 419 or you can email him on

His website can be found here. 

This is a general yoga class, which means that all levels and abilities of yoga student are welcome, including beginners welcome. Ben suggest that you wear wear loose clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one. Oh, and you’ll need a blanket to keep warm during your Yoga nidra (relaxation).

Fiona Fallon

Fiona holds classes on WEDNESDAYS in Westbury at the Westbury Leigh Community Hall Westbury BA13 3SQ

Her general and improvers class runs from 7.00 p.m. – 8.45 p.m.

Her schedule coincides with school term dates, with a break at half term. The costs of the classes is payable by the term in advance. Newcomers are able to attend on a drop in fee basis for up to 4 sessions before committing to a course. Concessions are available in some cases.

For full details see Fiona’s website. 

Fiona’s teaching is based on the teaching of B.K.S. Iyengar who one of the most prominent and widely respected yoga leaders. He has been dedicated to a traditional route of yoga teaching and practice and has acquired followers and practitioners throughout the world.

Yoga Students Can Expect To Benefit From 

  • greatly improved health, better posture, greater flexibility and increased strength
  • higher energy and improved vitality
  • finding it easier to relax
  • lowered stress levels
  • a sense of inner balance, greater calm and enhanced wellbeing
  • better concentration and a more focused mind
  • more mature discernment and a sense of integrity

There are, as you might expect, many more benefits to practising yoga. The whole discipline of yoga needs to be seen in the framework of its origin as a system for developing the whole human being so that eventually you can achieve the highest potential it is possible for you to achieve as an individual. 


In Fiona’s yoga classes she will teach you a variety of yoga poses (called “asanas”), which cover a whole span from easy to challenging, but all of which will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised. The use of asanas, and the continual practice of them produces a firm base from which to learn “pranayama” (which means the regulation of the breath).

Asanas and pranayama are only two small aspects of yoga, but they are fundamental to developing personal qualities such as concentration and discernment. This can improve your awareness and sensitivity.

Yoga is an individual path to selfdevelopment which allows each Yogini or Yogi. Each man and woman in the class can develop at their own pace. 

View class location and fees.

Why Is Iyengar Yoga Different?

The main difference between Iyengar Yoga and the many other alternatives available is the detailed attention paid to alignment. Fiona teaches the various yoga postures with attention to detail and precise alignment.

BKS Iyengar is well knwon for making yoga accessible to everyone through his adoption of yoga mats, bricks, or belts. It’s wonderful to know that his gift to aspiring students is not just a theory but also the application of that theory. Yoga equipment permits all people, regardless of age or fitness, to enjoy a yoga practice, which they might not otherwise be able to do. Yoga is a mental and physical discipline available to everyone, regardless of age, health or ability.


Fiona is a certified Senior Level 2 Iyengar Yoga teacher with the Iyengar Yoga Association in UK – IY(UK) Ltd

The Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark ensures you have a real teacher who is not only an expert but who can also apply the practice in a safe way. All Iyengar teachers displaying this mark are highly experienced and have gone through rigorous assessments of their own yoga practice and teaching ability.