Coaching in Frome

A highly respected life coach has started work in Frome, Somerset. His name is Neil Croom, and he works with all kinds of issues that men and women might bring. As he says on his website:

People come for coaching generally because they experience something getting in the way of them achieving their potential or living their life more fully. These blocks might show up as:

• Confusion

• Stress

• Feeling overwhelmed

• A sense of being stuck

• Lacking confidence

• Feeling hopeless or disempowered

• Vulnerability

• Fear

• Lacking a sense of meaning or purpose

Blocks like those listed above can affect any area of a person’s life including family, personal relationships, work, health and well-being, or they might have a more global impact.

Often these challenging and uncomfortable experiences can act as a catalyst for someone to examine their life more closely and ask themselves what they really want from their life. Prompted to look at their life by challenging circumstances, a person might decide they want:

• Greater confidence

• More energy

• Greater satisfaction from their work

• More intimacy in their life

• A greater sense of ease and relaxation

• To be healthier

• A clearer sense of life purpose or vocation

Coaching works to remove blockages, unlock a person’s potential and support them to take the action required to make changes in their life. The client’s desire to change and willingness to look at their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour are critical to this endeavour.

With skills based not just on training but also garnered from a hugely varied experience of life, ranging from psychiatric nurse to holistic guardian of organic land at Embercombe, Neil is a man who can be trusted; and his work can shift people into a completely new perspective on life. Contact Neil Croom for life coaching now. This is perhaps the first step in living the life you want.