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Life Coaching In Frome, Somerset (and By Phone Consultation)

If you’re looking for life coaching in Frome, Somerset, you will  find many coaches with a lot of experience. How do you choose? (Many coaches work at a distance by telephone.)

Coaches have very different backgrounds and different training which naturally inform their practice, so it might be necessary for you to look at what several coaches have to offer before you find one that feels right for you.

Having said that, we are happy to offer some recommendations for coaches in Frome, some of whom also offer counselling. The main difference between counselling and coaching is that counselling is seen as something remedial – something to move you out of some emotional crisis or life difficulty.

Coaching, by contrast, is usually seen more as a way of developing your talents and abilities so you can overcome limiting beliefs or behavioural patterns which stop you getting what you want. In practice, I’m not sure that the distinction between counselling and coaching is as clear as some life coaches and counsellors appear to believe.

For me counselling is all about self-development and personal growth. Counselling of this kind can definitely look very much like life coaching for personal growth and development.

Perhaps that’s another reason to examine the websites that we offer below and see which suits you. Our first recommendation is Rod Boothroyd’s counselling for personal development in Frome service. Rod has many years of experience in individual and group work. He started his training as a transactional analysis psychotherapist in 1998. Since then he has explore many other approaches to personal development work.

Since then he’s gone on to become a leader with the ManKind Project. He also runs his own emotional process work weekends for men and works with Marianne Hill in co-gender workshops. He also offers a life coaching service which is more technique based. As Rod describes it, his coaching practice is based on working with the Shadow. This is made up of the unconscious behavioural limitations which keep you stuck in a certain place.

One of the techniques he uses for this is Archetypal coaching. This is an approach where the four archetypes described by Carl Jung can be individually explored and balanced as necessary. In Carl Jung’s terminology, these archetypes were called the  Sovereign, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. Modern terminology would classify their respective areas of influence as Leading, Taking Action, Thinking, and Feeling.

Training for facilitators, counsellors, practitioners and coaches in the field of self development.

An exciting development in the word of coaching and counselling skills is the foundation of a new training school for practitioners who wish to deepen their existing practice, or men ad women who wish to enter the healing profession. Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd are offering a new training course which is founded on the Jungian approach to shadow. Shadow is made up of the kind of energies we hide, repress and deny in everyday life, but which are in fact running our lives behind the scenes. This unique training for counsellors and coaches, and complete novices, offers training in a comprehensive approach to healing work. Starting with the very fundamentals of a shadow coaching and healing practice, Marianne and Rod take you through all the elements of working with the shadow which you will need to become a confident and competent practitioner of this exciting emotional healing technique. See their Healing The Shadow training website for more details.

Whether you prefer the older or more modern terminology is irrelevant. What counts are results, and judging by the testimonials on Rod’s website he certainly gets good results. He also has a group work website for men’s work which you can see here.

Another life coach whose approach we like is Lisbet Michelsen, who makes the point that everyone has the potential to live happy and fulfilling lives. If we’re not living a happy and fulfilling life, the question she asks is this: “Why are we not allowing ourselves the satisfaction that life can offer us?”

The answer, naturally, is that a lack of happiness is rooted in limiting beliefs which originally came from various places: parents, society in general, and other significant people during our childhood. These limiting beliefs may keep you stuck in any area of life.  Lisbet can help you to move forward, in any area including work or relationships with your family.

Part of this work is about developing a clear vision, but it goes further than that: it’s also about self-confidence and motivation – about having a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

So in the process of coaching, Lisbet will provide time and space in which you can examine both your limiting beliefs, and the framework in which you live at the moment. This way you can see what no longer serves you. You will discover how you might replace the things that no longer serve you with new ways of being in the world.

Lisbet adopts an integrated style which draws on positive psychology, NLP, and mindfulness, amongst other disciplines. She also offers counselling. She describes her counselling practice as a way of helping you to explore yourself, learn about yourself, and learn how to make the right choices that suit you.

Of course this is about managing emotional issues that are problematic and healing them. Lisbet’s focus is integrative, which means she combines approaches from different types of therapies. The integrative viewpoint suggests there isn’t a single approach that can be applied to just every individual or every situation. Whatever path counselling takes, it needs to be specifically tailored to the individual’s requirements. 

Andy Britten

If you’re interested in life coaching rather than counselling, Andy Britnell is an experienced life coach is also based in Frome. He’s got some fascinating articles on his blog which cover the scope of what he does. In short, his work falls mainly into three areas: leadership coaching, management coaching and executive coaching.

He asks the question: “Have you got what it takes to be a skilful leader?” His executive coaching programme should certainly help you to achieve your goals more easily. But it isn’t just about setting goals, of course! Coaching requires an experienced coach like Andy. He can help you to analyse the unconscious barriers and the limiting beliefs that are stopping you reaching and fulfilling your true potential.

He offers a variety of programmes for executives including his personally supervised and administered coaching journeys. These are a particular form of life coaching which takes a holistic view of the situation. Andy is able to address both the emotional and psychological issues which might be hindering business success. He also addresses the business issues which might be fundamentally affecting the growth of success of your enterprise.

Once again I think it would be fair to say that Andy adopts an integrative approach. He draws on a wide range of techniques including NLP, psychometric testing, psychoanalytical tools and emotional intelligence education. This is another example, perhaps, of where the boundaries between coaching and counselling become blurred. Of course all that matters is that you achieve your  desired outcomes.

Perhaps a particular interest for many people will be the Insights Discovery Program which Andy offers. It’s a program based on the work of Carl Jung.  Jung proposed  four personality functions, and two personality attitudes,  which can combine in a variety of ways. However, fundamentally this system works with eight main personality types.

I like the Insights’ descriptions of four personality types as “cool blue”, “fiery red oak”, “sunshine yellow”, and “Earth green”. This looks like a direct parallel with the qualities that Carl Jung would have labelled Sovereign, Magician, Warrior, and Lover. In effect, this archetypal system has been cleverly updated for the 21st-century. You can read all about it on Andy’s website where there is plenty of fascinating reading material for you to explore.

Dr Mike Munro Turner

Mike is the senior partner in Jericho partners, and has been working in the field of coaching, particularly leadership coaching, for more than 20 years. His remit, unsurprisingly, is to help both individuals and teams to develop their leadership ability. He also helps them achieve better performance, embrace greater effectiveness, and enjoy higher levels of fulfilment.

He is also a supervisor for other coaches, and will mentor them so they can work at the highest level of professionalism. Mike’s coaching approach is based on a fundamental understanding of how we can release our leadership potential.

It’s an approach which is positive and focused on finding solutions, on building skills and increasing our capacity to be more successful and achieve more in the future. This involves a systemic perspective. This means working with areas such as self-awareness and accountability. Other areas covered are communication, the ability to work with complexity and discovering how to build better working relationships. Mike is also working with the charity Green and Away, which creates better environments to help transform people’s lives.

Mike says that he “loves helping people change their lives and the lives of others for the better.” Unsurprisingly, Mike uses techniques which strike at the heart of our unconscious defenses against change. He works with people’s beliefs and patterns of thinking. He helps people to make changes in their view of themselves and their sense of identity. That way, their way of being in the world can  change into something much more in line with their individual aspirations.

In essence, I believe what he’s doing is transforming unconscious limiting beliefs into something much more useful in the present world.

This is particularly relevant for people who want to change course in a certain way but continually find they behave in a completely different, inappropriate or unhelpful way. It’s also important for people who have visions and goals but who are experiencing resistance from those around them. Often such resistance stops people easily implementing their vision of reality.

Of course, as Mike himself says, most of the problem with transformation is not about a lack of willpower. Most people have enough desire and willpower. What prevents change are their limiting beliefs. These are the intra-psychic and inter psychic processes which keep us behaving in consistent and similar ways. That’s because we learned that these ways were safe when we were children, or earlier in our adult lives.

Now you can take an approach where you actually get to change the rules controlling how you react to the world! And then, not only is fast change possible, but the achievement of your goals and visions becomes much easier!